Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

Taylor Swift Breast Implants

Taylor Swift reportedly want to enlarge the size of her breast. He plans to undergo breast surgery to enlarge her breasts after two years ago Taylor perform the implant (Taylor Swift Boob Job).

Taylor Swift plans to perform breast surgery to enlarge its size. Reportedly he wants to improve his performance to be able to find a life partner. "Taylor always feel there is a lack of breasts and feel too flat," said a source close.

"Currently he secretly said he wanted to have surgery, he wanted to form a new body to be able to have a wonderful romance," continued the source.

Love Story 'singer is never failed a relationship with John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles.

"His confidence somewhat disturbed because of a failed relationship, so he wants to make his appearance more exciting," (Showbizspy)

Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

Actor Lee Min Hoo With Plastic Surgery

Lee Min Ho is a handsome actor who has always been an idol for the Eve. Naturally, the figure of Lee Min Ho with a handsome face to make himself dubbed as Flower Boy.

In addition, the role of Lee Min Ho in a drama he played well mostly as chaebol character - children conglomerate or wealthy - and have an image like a prince. But Lee Min Ho tested the ability of acting in the film debut portraying, Gangnam Blues as a mafia.

Lee Min Ho's role as Kim Jong Dae, mafia who want happy people he loved. He is described as being macho and proficient fighting. Lee Min Ho was more action scenes. Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery, His handsome face had plastic surgery is perfect in this movie.

When shooting Gangnam Blues, Lee Min Ho several times injured. Of course, the action scenes also require physical endurance, Lee Min Ho refused to use a stunt double. Seeing the struggle, Lee Min Ho hopes to have a lot of male fans, such as actor Lee Byung Hun.

"I do not have too many penggamar men. Naturally, anyway, in the drama, my role was to attract the attention of men. I think they will enjoy Gangnam Blues," said Lee Min Ho in an interview with Ilgan Sport, Saturday (24/01/2015) .

Just a few days released, Gangnam direct Blues ogled 300 thousand spectators. That number is expected to continue to grow over time. If jimlah audience of up to five million

Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

Not Recognizing Plastic Surgery, surgeon uncover evidence

Some time ago, the reality TV star Kim Kardashian, has denied that she had plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. To the media, Kim claims that he only ever once did Botox injections alone.

talk about Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery, what Kim said that was different from what was reported by one of the media a few days ago, in which a plastic surgeon expression stating if Kim had done some operating procedures for make her appearance look beauty. Even the surgeon's statement echoed by Damon Thomas, who is the former husband of Kim.

To the media, Damon Thomas said that if Kim had been doing some procedure beauty such as liposuction, breast implants and additions. Not only that, in an interview conducted with the magazine In Touch, Damon Thomas admitted that he had given some money to Kim to perform such operations.

On the occasion, Damon Thomas also said that if his wife is very crave fame. To prove all these statements, Damon revealed a number of documents divorce in 2004, where in the data shows Damon has forced Kim to undergo liposuction procedure and gives Kim money of USD 3,650 for Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery.

In addition, the public is also strongly believe if Kim had been pumping grease into her ass. Demi denied these rumors, Kim insisted perform an X-ray test in front of the media crew and prove that there is no silicone in the ass. But again the evidence was denied by one surgeon Americans who say if buttocks Kim did not not crammed with silicone.

But that does not mean she did not perform buttocks augmentation surgery, because the surgeon is to make sure if Kim has made Brazilian lift procedure. The technique itself is done by sucking the fat in some parts of the body of Kim, then the fat injection into the buttocks Kim. In other words, the X-ray tests carried out Kim aims to deceive the media and the public.

Not stopping there, Kim immediately denied when she is accused of having undergone breast augmentation surgery procedures. Even further, Kim said that if he had had breast size C since he was 11 years in a natural way. But again, other doctors, namely Anthony Youn, Kim refute the statement. to the media, said that if the breast Kim Youn too round and too full. By this alone is likely to prove if Kim Krdashian had undergone breast implant procedure (Kim Kardashian Breast Implants).

Of any rebuttal Kim, instead of the other surgeons increasingly eager to prove that Kim has done a plastic surgery procedure to get a beauty that he wanted. From the start of the nose, lips, skin, breast, buttocks up to the hips, everything is fake and is the result of engineering the operating room.

Selasa, 27 Januari 2015

Jacklyn Zeman did plastic surgery

Jacklyn Zeman is known as American actress who always appears pretty and sexy. Nevertheless, her beauty is rumored that she gets her beauty by having plastic surgery. It can be looked at her age who still seems good for a woman in her age. After looking at her photos, it appears that Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery has a facelift, eyelift, lip injection and botox injection.
    Her skin face now has nice skin like younger woman face. Many issues about her performance. There is people who said that her beauty is natural. Because of she can care herself well. So, she get the advantages for her body more. She often does diet and she indeed has natural beauty as her inherited from her parents, like artistic body feature. But, how about the experts opinion. Do they also believe that she had plastic surgery? Manhattan Plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden wrote: she is unrecognizable! It appears as though she has had quite a bit of Jackie Zeman plastic surgery and i can’t say that it was the best thing for her. Exactly, plastic surgery on face can look clearly by comparing photos when she was in same age. There is alteration in short time will answers the question hes she had plastic surgery or not. It will be very clear, if in particular part such as nose, chin, lip and breast seems different with previous.
    Although having plastic surgery is not regarded by the consumer, but it will seem clearly. Because, there will be the differences before and after of someone who has plastic surgery.

Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

Plastic surgery maes look amazing with the body that still very hot

Looking good in her 48 years old and make many people mistook her as woman in 30s, Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery speculation then buffeted her life. The actress self denied having the surgery and insist that having healthy lifestyle help her to get that amazing looks. But well though healthy lifestyle makes you amazing, but its unnatural to have youthful face for the woman in 48. It then makes many people and plastic surgeon believe that she got the magic touch from the plastic surgery done.
Though never admitting it, seems that many appreciate American television host and entertainment journalist, Wendy Williams plastic surgery. She gets so much benefit that why this woman who was born on February 25, 1966  in Sumter, South Carolina, U.S. looks 10 years younger than her real age. It seems that plastic surgery really effective to fight against aging for her who  currently is the co-anchor of the syndicated entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight. She may never admitting it but well she should working hard to convinced the public that she is aging gracefully without surgery. So what are kind plastic surgery that possibly done by her?
Botox injection
We can say that many celebrity experienced bad luck with the botox injection. But this American television host has rarely amazing faith with the botox injection done. Her face looks so smooth, flawless and very soft too. It either from the amazing foundation or make up and yes the touch of plastic surgery too. She may never said that botox help her to get that amazing facial skin. But the botox still left several evidences there. Her face may smooth but it also looks stiff and frozen too. Overall botox really help her to get that amazing facial skin.
Breast augmentation
Let’s say that this woman also looks amazing with the body that still very hot yet sexy too. And lets focused on her breast that looks though and strong even her age is almost 50s. It then strengthens the speculation she got the breast augmentation done. Moreover she has been giving birth once but still her body shape not changed too much. The chest looks plumped and even fuller right now. The speculation revealed that she may gets the breast augmentation to avoid her breast getting saggy after breastfeeding her baby.
We should admit that Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery really working well on her. She got so much benefit from it but well still hard to admitting the surgeries.